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8148 Genesee Avenue, San Diego, CA 92122

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πŸŽ“   1.3mi to UCSD

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πŸ“ 8148 Genesee Avenue, San Diego, CA 92122

πŸŽ“ 1.3mi

Distance to UCSD

πŸšΆβ€οΈ 20min

EST. Walk to UCSD

🚲 4min

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πŸš— 3min

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Pacific Gardens advertises as a luxury apartment complex. HA! Approximately one year ago the complex began allowing dogs. Since then, a major excrement problem continues to worsen. Everyday I leave or come to my apartment, it smells like shi*! If I leave my door open, it smells like shi*! Management DOES NOT CARE! I have complained, requested changes, offered solutions, sent certified letters - PACIFIC GARDENS is UNETHICAL! I rented from summer '07 through summer 11. ...


Just as i told Pacific Gardens Apartment i would do if they ended up screwing me over, i am writing an extensive review of their apartment complex and management. The move in: I moved from northern california in Sept of 2007 to attend UCSD. This place was conveniently located by the UTC mall and a town center. Upon talking to the manager,it seems that they were very respectable and informative about renting out their apartment. But this was just a front for you to rent one of their units, because as the days went by living in this complex i noticed that they werent that friendly. I dredged going to the office because they were rude and seems to not want to deal with their tenants. Snotty managers. And OMG $450 security deposit. The unit: Stained carpets. Roaches, silver fish bugs, tons of crickets, and spiders--the only thing missing was the rodents. Old shower heads, leaky pipes under the faucets of both bathroom and sink and kitchen sink. And for some reason, very very dusty. Wipe out the dust off the tables and furnitures and guranteed they will be covered in no time at all. The windows are very thin and noises were a sure problem. There is a heater but why is there no AC? C'mon its SD, and no AC in the units but theres a heater? The floors are so thin that you can here every movement the people upstairs make. You can hear them make love all night long.... nasty-almost like a cheap motel. Parking: Past 10 pm, you wont find parking inside the complex and must seek parking by the street on Genesee avenue. A week before moving out there was guy asking me if i saw any funny activities the night before because his car was stolen. You can rent a garage for a whopping extra $100 plus dollars a month. Why not rent somewhere else with assigned parking? Upgrades and maintenance: Good luck getting maintenance. They not only take long, but lag with the maintenance work. When they shut off the water for some piping maintenance in the apratments, they wont tell you so i feel sorry for those doing number 2 or in the middle of a shower. You might think the units now are nice because they currently placed new fluorescent lights and new lighting fixtures, but these just masks the crumbling old units. One the new bathroom light they put in burnt out a week after they installed it in my unit. Living here: If you have a family, dont rent here. They are full of college kids that get drunk and they talk and yell outside even past 12 am. They have cars with loud exhaust system that they use to show off and wake everyone up. IF YOU ARE RENTING APARTMENT # 74, I HOPE YOU DONT HAVE ALLERGIES, MANAGEMENT LET SOMEONE LIFE THERE WITH TWO CATS INSPITE THE RULES THAT THERE ARE NO PETS ALLOWED. i have pictures of the cats if you think i lie. There was also a time where someone had a big dog who would bark early in the morning. I told management about the cats and the dog and they failed to do anything about it. The move out: This was where the problem was. The new property manager MARK who made my life miserable. Here is the story.... I paid my apartment till the 31st. It was the 20th and was on the process of moving out. The same day i went to the office and told HARRY (another leasing agent on sunday) to put in a work order for a burnt out light bulb-THATS IT!!!!. I left that night to move what i had in my uhaul truck to my new home and left my set of keys inside a drawer so that my room mate can turn it in for me, cleaning supplies for her to clean with, a fridge full of food for her to take home, and home essentials that belonged to my room mate. When she came two days later, the apartment was empty. I called the office for some explanation and they said that MARK threw all our things away.... More than $200 worth of food, supplies, and things. What was MARK's reason for his actions? That when he came o work on monday, there was on his desk a set of keys and my parking sticker in the office that he said I gave to HARRY on SUNDAY! Ridiculous!!!! No such thing happend. I confronted him on the phone and i old him i have my other set of keys and my parking sticker with me and he was MODED. He then quickly changed his reason about the parking sticker being another tenants' that moved out. I told him to reimburse me and he said he'll ask the corporate office.... I got a call back a few days later.... and he says that corporate wont reimburse me. What he can do is give me a heartfelt apology for what he did. He says he thought he was doing me a favor of throwing things i left so i wouldnt be charged for a cleaning service fee. But what does the lease agreement say.... it says that any thing left by the tenant shall be placed in storage and the fee for the storage be billed to the tenant.... My goodness!!!! first they never had the decency to call me and second they HAD NO REASON TO ENTER MY APARTMENT THAT I HAD PAID FOR ANOTHER 10 DAYS AND THROW MY THINGS AWAY. Talk about professionalism MARK the PROPERY MANAGER.Basically this looks like they broke the least agreement and kicked me out. What i wanted was to get reimbursed for my things. Or give me my 10 days worth of apartment rent because it was technically mine till the end of the month. Mark wouldnt budge. They said no, and no for everything i asked for. What i did get is the assurance that he slapped HARRY on the hands and wrote him up. CLEARLY HE WAS CAUGHT LYING!!!! and he was using HARRY as a scape goat . What they wanted to do was clean the apartment ASAP so they can rent it as early as possible so he can kiss @ss to the bosses for doing something smart like this. GIVE ME A BREAK. I saw the owner of their many apartment complexes and this dude drives a lamborgini. he doesnt need any money and im sure he can reimburse me for chip change right? Im going to talk to a lawyer and see if i can screw this MARK guy over cause he LIED and broke the lease agreement. thanks MARK!!!! for nothing and apologies not accepted. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Sincerly, Anti Pacific Gardens Apartments P.S. Rent at costa verde, much cheaper and i heard its even beautiful. PACIFIC GARDENS APARTMENTS AND $1295 RENT IS NOT WORTH IT. Learn from my mistake. Good day renters. THEY WILL NEVER GIVE YOU YOUR FULL DEPOSIT BACK. THEY WILL CHARGE YOU FULL CLEANING EVEN IF YOU CLEAN THE APARTMENT. THE PROPERTY MANAGER SCREWED ME OVER WITH EXCESSIVE CHARGES BECAUSE I WROTE REVIEWS ABOUT THEIR COMPLEX. THE MANAGER HAS NO SENSE OF PROFESSIONALISM, CUSTOMER SERVICE AND IS A FULL ON LIAR. I rented from fall '07 through winter '09. ...

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