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340 S 1st W, Rexburg, ID 83440

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$200 - $300
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🎓   0.4mi to BYU Idaho

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Location Details

📍 340 S 1st W, Rexburg, ID 83440

🎓 0.4mi

Distance to BYU Idaho

🚶‍️ 6min

EST. Walk to BYU Idaho

🚲 1min

Est. Bike ride to BYU Idaho

🚗 1min

Est. Drive to BYU Idaho

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Hello, well I don’t live at Royal Crest but I did go on some dates with girls that do. What she’s saying above is very true. I guess I was one of the unlucky guys that found out the hard way. Here is an Example for you. And by the way this is my personal story. I went on a date. Drove her back to her apartment. Parked, and walked her to her door. Her room mates wanted to meet me what was I to say? So I step in. Talk to them then tell them I have to get going. That lasted about 15-20 minutes tops. Walk to my car and there’s a boot on my tire. Can you believe it. You can’t even walk a girl to her door any more without the fear of the $40 fine that will come. Pathetic. They charge you additional money for the length of time the boot is on your car. They tape a paper on your window to contact them to pay them to remove the boot. The contact number doesn’t have the area code on it. I don’t know about you but I’m not from Idaho. I don’t know Rexburgs area code. Most of the other kids hear are not from Rexburg either. So I have to find someone that knows the area code so I can call the guy so he will stop timing how long the boot has been on my car. All just so I can drop off my date possibly you if you move here at your door. Don’t burden your self by living here. If you do live here or will live here any way make sure to complain to the manager (Even though it sounds like it won’t get anything accomplished. I tried talking reasonably to the manager before writing this but she had no sympathy. I was extremely nice about it but still she had no mercy.) and let your date know not to park in your apartments parking for any length of time. Think about it, would you really want to just get dropped off at the curb and not allow your date the decency to walk you to your door? Come On!! So by the sounds if it and what I personally know I wouldn’t recommend anyone to live their. ...


This Place is sad. You should think twice before living here. If you do live here or are thinking about it, let me tell you what your getting yourself into. First off they have a huge banner saying Free High Speed Internet. Do they? lol Well when the internet is working they have some form of internet. Oh and did I mention its not wireless. You have to get a cord and plug into the wall to even use the “Free High Speed Internet”. Very annoying. Now those of you that know about BYU-I is that some teachers here have their homework assignments on I-Learn online. Now imagine living at Royal Crest and your internet goes out. Now you can’t even do your homework. So you call up your manager who you think is a nice lady who wants to help you out. Then after 4 or 5 days you wonder is she even thought about getting the problem fixed. They are very slow to do any maintenance repairs if they will do them at all. Now this next thing is what threw me over the top. I was willing to put up with all of this. Until after a fun date he walked me to the door. I invited him in and introduced him to a couple of my room mates. Well what I hadn’t realized is for the short time he was in my apartment they booted his car. I didn’t even know they would do that. So know my date had to pay a $40 dollar fee for the 10 minutes he was away from his car. Even though he was dropping me off. A tenant that lives here! So this tells me they don’t care at all about their tenants. I even herd that they get part of the money that the booter’s make off of us. Thats all they care about is the money they can make off of you. From the lack of respect the manager shows you to the lack of maintenance repairs done. Maybe Im exaggerating a little bit but can you see why I do not like Royal Crest. Don’t Move Hear Its Not Worth It!! ...


I rented from fall '06 through winter '07.


This apartment is great! Great location and a beautiful walk to campus especially when it`s snowing. It`s a very social complex with the guys close by. You`ll love it.


This is a great place to live. You will meet a lot of really fun girls. The apartments were big and nice. I rented from spring '00 through spring '00.


This place was awesome! The other girls there were all pretty cool and down to earth, not too cackly. There are male complexes on both sides of you so the all girl apartment thing isn't too bad. The apartments were very large too, plenty of room and storage. ...

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