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Willamette GardensWrite a Review

3545 Kinsrow Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

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πŸŽ“   1.2mi to University of Oregon

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πŸ“ 3545 Kinsrow Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

πŸŽ“ 1.2mi

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πŸšΆβ€οΈ 18min

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🚲 4min

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πŸš— 2min

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If there were minus scores on here they would be checked but with no other coice...chose the lowest.Units are horrible.Flooring creeks,you can hear neighbors through floors and walls,carpet in dining area...really? Infested with roaches,mill bugs and ants..depends on timeof year.Elevator always breaking down. Cameras were installed for "security of residents" but not on conveniently if your apartment is broken into which happens here alot,rather used to charge residents for whatever strikes their fancy.Yelling,screaming,slamming doors,drug deals throughout complex,if you get prescribed something for pain tell no one or expect a knock on your door ASKING you to give them away or sell them.No outgoing mail and boxes are vandalized on regular basis.Don't offer to use your address to recieve mail from anyone or you will get a notification that you have some living there and fees when they are not there to begin with.Document and keep copies of everything you give office or maintenance.There are 3 maintenance people for 6 buildings and over 400 people living here. Maintenance takes photos of your apartment and shows management anything they feel is wrong to them. Appliances always breaking down and they are slow to fix them if they even do it. Landscaping takes days even weeks to complete unless there's and inspection which is done monthly with eviction notices that follow. Horribly rude office staff and if you complain about something they will find some way to evict you or make your life miserable.Police,fire,ambulances daily.No smoking on premises but office staff smokes.Pool capacity is 21 for 400 plus people.Spa advertised as year round and only open summer and closed 3/4 of that time. Roofs leak damaging patio items and items in your home.Lock your door or expect it to be vandalized and robbed.Residents do not watch their children.Pet waste everywhere including halls.Carpeting in halls torn,smelling of pet urine and never replaced only deodorized and that doesn't help.Inspections monthly that last all day,all week doesn't matter if you work or are in bed management will open your door with a key.People having sex in elevators,stairwells and even the playground.One picnic table that only accomidates small children for 400 plus residents.Tons of drama and he said she said games especially by staff. Complaints are made to office never verified but notices are posted on doors threatening eviction or fees. Garbage left in halls and stairwells.Only two dumptsters for 400 plus people.Entry door codes almost never work and main doors if tugged on can be accessed by anyone off the street. No guest parking. You must park centered in your parking space or get towed and when you do good luck getting out of your car...sharpen your Dukes of Hazard moves because you will not be able to open your doors or let passengers out. People park in your space and you have to park on the streeet or be towed.And that is just the beginning. DONT RECOMMEND A FRIEND AND DON'T LIVE THERE. I rented from winter '09 through summer 11. ...


I have lived her for years. I must say when I signed up I knew it was a community, but not a cult. The "community" feel is really all control over what you do in your own home. I have lived here since march of 2007, and i know all too well the dangers of this complex. First things first, the carpeting is all light colored in every apartment, and being low income apartments they know there will be messy sticky kids, trick number one is to charge everyone who moves out for carpet, and to not replace said carpet, i know because i asked the tenant who moved into my apartment to just peek around to make sure i was being legitimately charged for stuff they were replacing, I got charged for a door that was perfect and in the apartment when i left and then they didnt even give the tenant a new one. They didn't even clean my old apartment they just told them there were young college party kids who lived there. The walls fall apart, they use paint that is so cheap you cannot wash the walls without it coming off, the doors are screwed up with screws that are way too short to hold them up, the lining in the bathroom is all falling off and the closet and pantry doors always fall off, and they can't even properly tac down the carpet, my vacuum ate it all up. AND I WAS THE FIRST TENANT AND EVERYTHING FELL APART WITHIN 6 MONTHS. That's just structurally. Maintenance is a disaster, there is urine in the A/C in the hallway and instead of cleaning or replacing it they just spray fragrance on it. No one cleans the hallways for months at a time we have to look at all the garbage in the world, the garbage compactor (mind you there are 240 apartments and ONLY TWO compactors) almost never gets emptied out. Parking is a total waste of time, even if you do have a space there isn't enough space in those spaces if you have someone parked on both sides of you you cannot enter or exit your vehicle, which, I haven't personally counted but have heard there are less spaces than apartments actually. The pool only goes to 4 ft deep and has a 26 person capacity, do the math, 40 apt in each building, 6 buildings that is 240 apts, guessing average in each one there are two people (which there is way more than that i am sure but this is a safe estimate) per apartment that is 480 people, in the hot hot summer and only 26 can use the pool at a time!'!'! They make you use their carpet cleaning company even if you can find a cheaper one, they make you have them install your A/C in your unit, then they make you buy the supplies they want you to use, then they make you pay them to install it. Then the A/C in the hallways is a joke, you cannot linger or hang out in the hallways, but if you leave your apartment door open to enjoy the A/C from the hallway you get charged and addtl fee. There are no BBQ's Allowed here at all because of the danger of fire due to the muclh, there has been no mulch here since 2008, oh and did i mention you cannot have a hibachi OR an electric grill, (i can see the sparks from my george foreman causing the dirt mounds to erupt in flame!) Your kids CANNOT enjoy the 4th of july at home, no sparklers, no snakes, NOT EVEN POPPITS!!!!! OH AND They charge you for pest control even though THE WHOLE GROUNDS has bed bugs!!!!!! This is a miserable and disastrous place to live. ALso, the management will support stalkers and let them keep staying here no matter how much noise, problems they cause but i have watched them try to evict several parents for their kids making noise. DO NOT RENT HERE YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! OH AND AND AND NO OUTGOING MAIL!!!!! I rented from spring '07 through summer 10. ...


Worst apartment complex I have EVER lived in. Manager Dodi is beyond terrible, and vandalism happens like every second of the day here. Don't rent here under any circumstance, Dodi will make your life hell I rented from spring 10 through fall 10.


Do not live here under any circumstances this place looks good when you first arrive then you find out just what a dump it truly is allot of vandalism goes on here and the people they let in seem like they are straight from prison, i was ashamed to have my family there,and the manager is the wicked witch of the pacific northwest that has no business dealing with people face to face, keep looking you will find something better I'm sure of it. I rented from winter '09 through summer '09. ...


I would not recommend moving here. You will not get your deposit back no matter what you say or do or how clean your unit is. They will make up all kinds of stuff to keep your money and will charge you extra on top of that. I rented from summer '07 through fall '08. ...


I am currently a resident of Willamette Gardens as well as my 2 children ages 1 and 7. I have never had such a pleasant experience in an apartment complex as I have had here. The management has always gone the "extra mile" to ensure my childrens safety as well as my own. I have absolutely no complaints exept for the parking situation and that I understand is out of managements hands. When I first called these apartments and came to see them I was greeted with warm and friendly smiles and from then on that is all I have gotten. Other comments I have read stating that the management and the apartmens are horrible is outrageous! The people that have posted these comments are obviously the ones whos kids are littering or vadalizing this place. They should really work on their parenting skills and raise children that WANT to live in a clean safe environment. I would reccomend these apartments to my own family and friends. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! I am thrilled to be living here and I look forward to continuing my families residency here. I want to especially thank Dodi and Kendra for making this such a wonderful place to live. I rented from winter '08 through summer '08. ...


Manager is horrible, but everything else is ok. I rented from spring '07 through summer '08.


This is not a secured building, get everything in writing and communicate everything in writing to the management and KEEP every communication to and from. Insist on written communication from them for your records! Maintainence is great, management needs customer service training and skills. ...

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