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Sam Houston Ave, Huntsville, TX 77320

$475 - $915
πŸ›Œ  1-2, 4
πŸ›  1-2, 4
πŸŽ“   5.5mi to Huntsville

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1-2, 4

πŸ›Œ   Bedrooms

1-2, 4

πŸ›   Bathrooms


πŸŽ“  Miles to Huntsville

About Gateway at Huntsville

Β Welcome to Gateway, where the convenience of campus life is combined with the independence of off-campus living. Located just under a mile from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, Gateway is a prime destination for both an active academic and social lifestyle. We offer very spacious 1, 2 & 4 bedroom floor plans, all with private bedrooms, private bathrooms, walk-in closets, full kitchens, washer & dryer and more! When you’re not hanging out in your apartment, feel free to take advantage of our amenity package that includes (but certainly is not limited to!) a resort-style pool, state-of-the-art fitness center, free tanning, community wi-fi, sand volleyball court, basketball court and grilling stations. No car? No problem. Gateway offers a private campus shuttle to and from the property. If you happen to have a set of wheels, we do offer on-site parking & carports. Have you already heard enough? Call or stop in today and make Gateway is your next home! Β 

Location Details

πŸ“ Sam Houston Ave, Huntsville, TX 77320

πŸŽ“ 5.5mi

Distance to Huntsville

πŸšΆβ€οΈ 30+min

EST. Walk to Huntsville

🚲 17min

Est. Bike ride to Huntsville

πŸš— 11min

Est. Drive to Huntsville

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Gateway at Huntsville

Gateway at Huntsville

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Gateway seriously is the WORST apartment complex. Even if this is a last choice...avoid! Read the review before mine...that review nailed everything! I completely agree with their review. I don't know what's worse the FAKE management (can't even call them management..they do such a crappy job) or the excessive noise from all my neighbors. The apartments were built REAL cheap and the walls are literally paper thin. There are BUGS EVERYWHERE (and my roomate and I are VERY clean) I can here people's convos ALL the time..when they are just having normal chit chat (there is NO privacy)..so you can imagine what its like when someone throws a party (which is pretty typical of the residents here). One time I called for a noise complaint at 3 in the morning on a TUESDAY (my neighbors were having a LOUD party) The onsite cop didn't arrive until 30 minutes after I called and when they got there they flirted w/ the girls that were throwing the party and didnt do ANYTHING! Now that's cool if your throwing the party BUT when ur trying to get some sleep and you cant rely on the cops to fix the problem..what can u do'!'! Like I said it's built REAL cheap..the doors suck! They aren't gunna keep anyone out. Our front door shakes everytime someone in our hall closes their front door. The locks suck. We have put in uncountable request to fix our door and lock because we do not feel safe. Our bedroom doors are ridiculously easy to break in to! The parking is horrible too! Like I said partys arent uncommon here..unless you have an assigned parking spot..ur pretty much screwed! And even then ppl still park in your spot. When you go to sign a lease...just remember..we told you so! ...


Where to being with this nightmare. When first looking at the apartments, they seemed amazing, especially compared to several of the other options available in Huntsville. But since living here for almost a year it's been one major annoyance and inconvienacne after another. The staff while most of the time overly friendly will feed you smiles and -------- until they are blue in the face so you think the sun shines out of their ass, they are rare to actually accomplish anything. Most of the staff doesn't stay long either, every time you enter the office there are new people in charge. We have had several problems ,my roommate and I, have had to bring to the offices attention several times with promises of calls back that never occurred. My roommate has had a constant problem of them charging her for rates and options she never signed up for. She calls and they promise to fix it and call right back, but the next day she is given another notice threatening eviction for fees she was not supposed to be paying in the first place. The electric bills here are higher than many other of the apartment complexes as I have compared with friends and sometimes they are downright ridiculous. Our apt is nearly 1000sq ft. and my parents house is well four times that size and our electricity bills are often very close in price. Please tell me how that is possible' I use all electricity saving bulbs on my side of the apartment, we never keep the the A/C cranked down way low or the heater cranked super high. And my roommate and I are not even present on the weekends and turn everything off. Furthermore, our A/C unit has had major issues since we moved in and they always come out and look at it and tell us it is just fine. We are on the fourth floor and a leak sprung in our ceiling, which is a scary thought because that would mean the roof is faulty. It took us an entire semester and then some for them to actually come out and look at the leak after first assuring us it must be coming from the people above us, which is impossible because we are the top floor. When they did come to look, they said there was a leak in the roof and they would have to have some roofers come in to fix it, that was months ago and still nothing has happened. The apartments are trashed half the time from the stupid residents who use the hallways and stairwells as ash trays and drop trash all over the place. There was broken glass all over the stairwells for weeks once. Even in the elevator which has had multiple puke stains left in corners, also had blood smeared all over the wall for like a month. I refuse to use the elevator the majority of the time as it is typically in such sad condition and smells horrendous. Outside our apartments too it is a heart attack waiting to happen as the spiders and egg sacks cover the walls and ceiling. I put in a request to have them swept away or sprayed for and nothing ever happened. The noise in the apartments is ridiculous. In my apartment if I am not kept up till 4 am from people screaming and yelling in the parking lot it's my neighbors staying up till 5 am playing DDR, on the fourth floor mind you, so it sounds as if a stampede of hippos was loose on the top floor, or blaring their music so loudly, it sounds like the party is in my room. I've tried to be polite and knock on the door to ask them to please turn it down but they refuse to open and just keep the music going. And trying to call the police to complain is a wild goose chase as we got bounced around from one operator to the next saying we had the wrong number and never got to anyone who would help fix the problem. Also at night there is this horrible loud noise that sounds like a generator that could power New York power pulsing and I haven't had a good nights sleep unless drunk off my ass since last semester. And the door to enter the clubhouse to use the work out facilities has been broken for nearly the entire time I have been here. So if you want to use the facilities you paid for, such as the pool hall or workout room, you're out of luck if it is not during office hours. I don't understand how they can afford to have annoying loud pool parties every Thursday with free pizza and beer but can't afford to fix what we're paying for them to provide. They threaten to fine you if you leave your trash outside the door instead of taking it down to the dumpster but our neighbors always have their trash bags filling up the hallways and have done it all year. And at first they did not allow pets either but you always heard peoples dogs barking or saw them out on balcony's and they were not penalized either. Overall, the two bedroom is roomy and they offer a lot of nice features but for me, it's not worth everything else I have had to put with for living here. They even lie about other apartment complexes so they sound better and would make you want to live here instead of anywhere else. They claim several other complexes don't offer amenities and shuttles and other luxuries when I know for a fact some of the apartments they listed did in fact have all those and more than what Gateway has to offer. I rented from fall '07 through summer '08. ...


Cons: Crappy landscape. Very open, no trees or greenery. Residents litter and trash areas and they never get cleaned. Very loud complex. Residents throw parties in the stairwell or in the parking lot. Their friends scream, blare their car music, or lay on their car horns. You can hear everything in the parking lot. The complex puts out warnings but residents don't seem to care much. Good place if you like to party/stay up late. Bad place if you go to bed early or you're a serious student. Slow turn-around on apartment communication. I go to the office with a question or concern and they say they'll call me back but they never have/do. Pets are not allowed but if you actually walk the complex you'll see and hear dogs on the balconies. And yes, some do bark at night. Pros: Cheap water bill. So far between $5-$12 a month. Energy bill is split by apartment based on how much you use. Staff has always been friendly. Relatively new complex, clean rooms. Cable is included so you get about 20-30 channels. Washer/dryer included and run quickly/great. 1bd, 2bd, 4bd. Each room with its own bath and walk-in closet. Tanning beds. Fitness room. Shuttle bus runs to and from campus every 15 mins. I rented from fall '07 through summer '08. ...

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