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403 Bryan St, Denton, TX 76201

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πŸ“ 403 Bryan St, Denton, TX 76201

πŸŽ“ 1.3mi

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πŸšΆβ€οΈ 20min

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🚲 4min

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This apartment complex is by far the worst I have ever experienced. I have been living here for almost a year now and I have lived in two apartments of the same layout at the University Courtyard and I cant wait to get out. The apartments are crap. The maintenance staff is terrible. The front office likes to close whenever the hell they please. Security is crap. Internet is crap (I did not know internet this bad still existed). The apartments here are way overpriced for the amount of absolute crap you get. I hope no one ever has to stay in these apartments ever again. The rooms are the best thing about this complex and even they are just ok. I lived in two 4 bed 2 bath apartments and even though everyone pays the same exact over priced rent the rooms are far from equal. My first room was extremely tiny and had one of the closet doors missing. My second room was bigger but only after I moved in did I find out that my room had no overhead light or a fan like my old room, which was horrible because the air conditioning is super bad. The A.C. has terrible circulation and one person could be freezing in one room while another room could be boiling in the deepest pits of Hell only a few feet away. God help you if you get a roommate who likes to put it to 80 like I did with the hot room. The furniture in these apartments are horrible, they look like the worst part of the 70's threw up all over a bunch of broken furniture from the dump. Seriously both of the apartments I lived in had broken furniture. However I did like the furniture in the rooms, except the bed, the bed was bad. I needed to buy a memory foam insert so I could get a good nights sleep. The kitchen is disgusting. The cleaning they do before you move in is a joke, as soon as I moved into my first apartment I found a bunch of disgusting stuff under the fridge and in the cabinets and then only a few days latter I found roaches. No matter how much I clean the kitchen I never feel like it is clean. The appliances are also horrible. The microwave is tiny little thing that can barely fit a full size plate. The stoves in both my apartments were ok except for the fact that they always found something to burn and smoke up. Also they have 1 big burner and 3 small burners which is extremely inconvenient when I want to cook something actually substantial. The oven in my first apartment would not work right and would burn my food constantly. The dishwasher is the only thing that I have no problems with. There also was no pantry in the kitchen, just dish cabinets and few that are reachable for anyone under 6 foot. To deal with this I used one of the two unused linen closets near the washer and dryer. The clothes washer and dryer on the other hand are, plot twist, terrible... again. The washer in my second apartment would constantly swing wrong and leak everywhere. I would have to do like half a load to make sure it would not freak out and piss itself. The dryer was even worse than that, at least with the washer I only needed to run it once. In both apartments I would have to run the dryer 3-5 times to get my clothes dry. The bathrooms are also gross but they are better than the kitchen, but that kitchen is not hard to beat. The shower is fine, it has ok water pressure. I would like it to be better but it's ok for me. The toilets are bad though, they clog a lot and in my second apartment the thing that let the water fill back up in the bowl was messed up and would not close the hole like 70% of the time. This meant that the bowl would just be constantly be filling up and at the same time be flushing the water out at the same rate. So i would have to push down the plug in the tank so the bowl could stop wasting water. Now on to the crappy internet. The internet here is horrible. As a college apartment, in my opinion, having bad internet is unacceptable. However this was something else I had no idea that internet this bad even existed in this day and age, I am pretty sure that dial up would have been better than this crap. Each room has an Ethernet port that you can hook up to you your computer to do nothing or hook up to wireless modem (that is not provided, I had to go buy one) so you can then do nothing on the internet. Of course this is a bit of an exaggeration but not too much. As I am sitting here I typing this I have had to reboot my modem 3 times because the internet dropped. This internet is really bad, it definitely impedes my ability to do any school work at home. The internet in the dorms was way better and that was pretty bad, at least I could do my homework at the dorms. Maintenance, what can I say about maintenance? Nothing good, that's what. I have many examples of why the maintenance here is crap but will only give two. The first was when in my first apartment the front door's key card reader stooped working. Turns out the batteries were dead. From the time I reported this kinda urgent problem to the time it was fixed was over 3 days. That is absolutely ridiculous. My door did not lock for over 3 days and I felt extremely unsafe. My next example was when in my second apartment the floor above me flooded and caused the roof of my laundry room and hallway to fall in. The day after I called about the flooding the roof fell in ( only one level fell in, no I could not see to the floor above, I could however see the insulation and the pipes) so I called maintenance again, this time with this more serious problem. A long 3 or 4 days after the first call the first maintenance group showed up to check out the damage and then said that they would return in a day or two to fix it... they came back about a week later to finally fix the hole in my roof. They take forever to do anything you want them to even when it is something that needs to get done quickly for the safety of the people living at University courtyard. The front office is another thing. Some of the people at the front office are nice people but have experienced the occasional rude person. My biggest problem with the front office is that they like to close whenever they damn well please, which is extremely inconvenient, not to mention there hours of operation are already ridiculous. They close at 6 Mon-Thr (or they should) when multiple other complexes in the area stay open till 7 or 8. Also even though they say they are open from 11-4 on Sundays they really are closed. They just taped a piece of paper over the Sunday time plaque outside the office and wrote closed on it. They also have multiple fees that are in the lease that seem over the top. For instance I got a $100 fee because I did not go in and sign a piece of paper saying that i will not be renewing at the UC after they call and ask if i will be renewing or not, apparently that is not good enough. It is $50 to get a new key card if you lose your old one which is ridiculously high. And there is a high fee (like $100 but I am not to sure on the exact amount of the fee) if you want to move to a different apartment in the UC like if you have bad roommates and you want to get away like me. And now for the worst part of my time here at the University Courtyard. At some point in the last 2 months someone came into my room and stole my social security card and my passport while I was out. I do not know if it was someone who works at UC or if it was just some random person. Regardless, I no longer feel safe in my apartment anymore. When I reported this to the front office they seemed more worried about litigation than about me. So to recap: Rooms are ok, kitchen is disgusting and has bad appliances, furniture sucks and is almost always broken, washer and dryer is horrible, bathrooms are gross and have bad toilets, the internet is horrible, maintenance is horrible and take forever, the front office is extremely inconvenient and not all that helpful, and I do not feel as if this complex is even safe. And it Just please, don't live here. ...

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