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1270 W 1130 S, Orem, UT 84058

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πŸŽ“   0.7mi to UVU

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πŸ“ 1270 W 1130 S, Orem, UT 84058

πŸŽ“ 0.7mi

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πŸšΆβ€οΈ 11min

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🚲 2min

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Current Resident

Do NOT live here. I was aboslutely lied to and I am continuously lied to even now. (Very, very long review ahead.) I first toured Wolverine Crossing in February 2023. The tour made this place out to be a neat, collective community with a great opportunity for housing. I was so impressed that I signed a one-year lease that began in August. I can confirm that the tours they give are catered specifically to make Wolverine Crossing appear as a problem-free, totally awesome environment, when this is not the case at all. During the move-in week, I ended up cleaning the enitre unit by myself. I refuse to believe this unit ever went through cleaning checks. The fridge was covered in yellow and brown stains. I spent an entire day cleaning out the fridge. The counters were coated with some dust-like film that was sticky to the touch. The windows were foggy. I could not see through them. There was mold growing on the walls and baseboards. I had to spend an entire day wiping it off. I submitted several maintenance requests to aide me in cleaning the apartment. None of them were fulfilled. None of them were even acknowledged! I would submit a request and there would be no reply. The only maintenance requests that are responded to are small things like "replace lightbulb" or "mop hardwood floors" (we have no mop in our apartment). Move-in week was supposed to settle me in and help me unpack. Instead I ended up doing the cleaning crew's jobs for them. When I took this issue to the leasing office, they told me they were "concerned" and would "look into it". They never did. They lied. Two of my roommates make me very uncomfortable and unsafe in the way they act around and treat me. I let the leasing office know about how uncomfortable and unsafe I felt, and they never replied to me. They never did anything about it. I am still living in the same apartment as the people who make me uneasy about my safety. I opted out of the Wolverine Crossing Resident Liability Program in early August, as soon as I could. I have my own insurance that I wanted to apply to my monthly payments. Even after going through a very long process to opt out and get my insurance information approved, they are still charging me monthly for the Resident Liability Program. I have approached the leasing office about this countless times and the answer is always the same. "Oh, we'll take care of that, thank you for letting us know". Cleaning checks are also a problem. When my apartment unit recieved our cleaning checklist, each person living in the apartment had specific items assigned under their names. We thought this was a very neat idea and ran with it. I cleaned my assigned items, and so did everyone else. When the cleaning check happened, we passed on everything but the inside of the oven. We were told it was "too dirty". Each person in the apartment was fined $25. Now, this wouldn't be an issue if only the person responsible for the oven was fined. I contacted the leasing office about this, and they informed me that everybody is fined for failing to pass cleaning checks. I told them that we recieved our checklist with assinged items under our names, and they told me that doesn't happen, and I must be lying. I asked around the units on our floor, and none of them had recieved a checklist with assignments made to their names. It appears that our apartment was singled out in this regard. This is very suspicious and concerning. We neglected to wipe out the inside of the oven again before rechecks. During the recheck, they declared the oven was clean, and left. We had never rewiped the inside of the oven after wiping it during the initial cleaning check. They decided at random whether or not the oven was clean, and that makes this $25 fine even more unfair. I have contacted the leasing office about this, but (you guessed it!) they never replied. Living here is such an awful experience that I am already looking to terminate my lease early and move into another complex. Do not trust what they say about how fantastic Wolverine Crossing is. "Best student housing" my ass. ...


Former Resident

This system is so predatory and confusing, taking advantage of college kids, This system and management are predatory and will try to squeeze you for every penny they can. Their contracts only favor them and will insist that you follow the agreement even if your living situation is awful. For my first few months living here they tried to charge me for a parking pass I didn't have and had signed an opt out form for. Extremely unprofessional. And their room rates are simply insane. No one should be paying $500+ for a shared room with 5 other roommates in a tiny apartment that is poorly taken care of. Know their system is probably going to screw you over in some way eventually and they will do nothing to help you. ...


First of all, this isn't even the correct apartment (see "Wolverine Crossing," not "Wolvering Crossing." Second of all, I don't know where all these negative comments are coming from... I totally loved my experience here!! And SUCH a great location. I rented from summer 2016 through summer 2016. ...


I initially moved into this complex because it is so close to campus and is a nicer complex. BUT I have had HORRIBLE experiences with management! They will say anything to your face and not do ANYTHING they told you. They hold YOU responsible for things that aren't your fault. Example... my shower was leaking into the floor below and although it was not mine or my roommates fault they told us to not use the shower for a week and then would not compensate us at all for the inconvenience. At face value the people who work here are "nice" but like I said before they don't do anything they told you. It took them 6 months of my 10 month lease to do our roommate agreement because we had to pressure them ?(there is a fee for not having one). When we went in to the meeting they were extremely rude and condescending. I have NEVER talked/ seen my CA yet the office blames me for things that she was supposed to do or tell us. An apartment costs WAY too much to have to deal with crappy management!!! I rented from spring 11 through summer 11. ...


Let me start by saying it gets a 5/5 for creepy feel. You can just sense it, especially when talking to the office girls. The closets are small, the rooms are small but the bathroom is quite large. The kitchen is pretty decent too as far as utility. The flooring, furniture, etc. is of the lowest quality, however. It does feel just like a cheap motel! And just like a cheap motel, you've got the usual characters. There are a lot of international students which in and of itself is no problem. However, they are there because they don't know about internet room rating systems yet. And then there are the party people. Almost everyone you see on a Saturday night will be using drugs or drinking. If you like to party then this might be a benefit. However, the management likes to charge for everything and they try to make it clear that you are nothing more than an income and if they could make money by harming you rather than helping you they would do that too. Expect random room searches. Expect clean checks you cannot pass. And expect that if you try to mind your own business, they will find a way to get you into the office. Next comes parking. They get a 2 because they do have enough parking spaces. Maybe not enough you can park near your building but enough you can find a spot. However, if you park in a "retail" spot or a "visitor" parking spot, or if you park by a curb, or if you park askew (seriously,) expect to pay 120 dollars to get your car out of the impound. And this will likely happen when you need it most. There are way better places to rent than this for the price. If you can find just ONE other person, you can rent a real apartment where they treat you like an adult for the same price. I knew it was sketchy going in, but I didn't happen to see the 20 bad google reviews. I just saw the one on here. I wish I could say or do something more to prevent you from renting here, but unfortunately some people still will. I've learned to trust my instincts and that "It's only 4 months" is not always a valid line of reasoning. I rented from fall 11 through fall 11. ...


I think the apartment is way to much for what you get. A little shared room for 300+ utilities is so not worth it you can get a private room for that much anywhere else. Although If you like the free tanning and work out room, pool and hot tub then I guess you might want to pay more for that and live there but I personally would rather have a private room I rented from fall '09 through spring 10. ...


DO NOT SIGN A LEASE! The managment has shown a complete disreguard for the wellbeing of many tennants, myself included. Mold has been growing in my window sill since I moved in and no action has been taken to correct the problem despite my continued complaints. Internet often doesn't work. I'm very disappointed. I rented from fall '09 through spring 10. ...

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